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Wanted: Diverse Divorce Practitioners. Why Diversity is Good for All of Us (3/15/19)
Valerie Qian

Couples from all backgrounds can benefit from help from diverse family law practitioners.

Use of Mediation During Divorce Proceedings in India (3/08/19)
Saakshi Jain

In this blog post, Saakshi Jain, student, Amity University, Lucknow Campus writes about Mediation, a must and compulsory process in India. This post also covers the need, advantages, and disadvantages of mediation and its impact on Indian divorces.

The Place of Mediation: New Interview with Don Saposnek (3/07/19)
Donald T. Saposnek

This is a new interview with Don Saposnek, long-time leader in the field of divorce mediation and best supporting the interests of children in divorce, by Robert Benjamin as part of Mediate's new "The Place of Mediation" video series.

Mediation As An Effective ADR Mechanism (3/03/19)
Anveksha Padhye

In this article, Anveksha Padhye does a critical analysis on whether mediation is an effective ADR mechanism or not.

Mediation in Child Protection Cases (2/22/19)
Leonard Edwards

This article illustrates the use of mediation in child protection (juvenile dependency) cases, a practice that has increased substantially in America’s juvenile courts over the past five years.

An Exploratory Study Based on USA Marriage Mediators’ Views (2/20/19)
Djidjoho Gnonhossou

This is a study on models of helping couples stay married. Please find enclosed a letter of invitation to the study.

The Place of Mediation: New Interview with Ken Cloke (2/19/19)
Kenneth Cloke

New interview with mediation leader and author Ken Cloke by Robert Benjamin as part of Mediate's new "The Place of Mediation" video series.

The Place of Mediation: New Interview with Nina Meierding (2/09/19)
Nina Meierding

New interview with Nina Meierding by Robert Benjamin as part of Mediate's new "The Place of Mediation" video series.

Journey Toward a Social Lab Approach to Change (2/08/19)
Nancy Cameron

A small group of us in British Columbia have been collectively grappling with what we can do to leverage the uncertainty created by a time of great change.

Seven Ideas for a Better Divorce (1/25/19)
Hadassah Fidler

Innovate with ideas, try to think outside the box when it comes to solutions.

Creating Effective Parenting Plans (1/22/19)
Leyla Balakhane

This article discusses working with your children’s developmental needs when creating a parenting plan.

Why Divorce Mediation Makes Sense (1/22/19)
Thomas Nares

During my more than 30 years of practicing law, I have found that the great majority of divorcing couples are unaware of their options.

Getting Hitched? 6 Tips for Pre-Marriage Relationships (1/22/19)
Adriane Beth

You’re getting married soon and you’re excited about it. But wait!

Does Your Pet Need a Divorce Lawyer? (1/22/19)
Lidia Staron

Just like with child custody, determining who will take care of the pets after a divorce can be a difficult topic.

5 Prudent Ways to Talk to Kids About Your Divorce (1/11/19)
Jenna Adams

When children are involved in a divorce, you have to deal with not just your own emotions, but also theirs. Here are some tips for these conversations.

7 Easy Tips for Better Communication (1/04/19)
Amy Sereday

How many times have you left a conversation with a loved one feeling frustrated; like they didn’t listen to a single thing you said?

Comparative Data on Mediator Directory Websites (12/25/18)

According to new data from, is most visited and most linked mediator directory website.

Self-Imposed Ground Rules: The Only Kind Worth Having (12/23/18)
Dan Simon

“You might be wrong. Your voice can be big. Genuinely listen.”

4 Handy Principles for Deciding When You Can’t Agree (12/14/18)
Tammy Lenski

When you can’t agree even with your best effort, having fallback criteria can break the agreement logjam and allow you get on with other things.

Making Holidays Magical for Kids After Divorce (12/14/18)
Vicki Shemin

When we think holidays, we think magical time of year for children.

NEW: - APFM Video Series (12/12/18)
Michael Aurit and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) have worked together to produce 4 new online video courses Check out the trailers for all 4 of these new courses and then order at Note the special holiday pricing of only $199 for all 4 courses this month only!

Even More Conflict Resolution Tips (12/06/18)
Oran Kaufman

Following up on two previous articles, this article taps into 24 years of mediation experience and provides divorcing couples with tips that will help them navigate their divorce and mediation process in sane and healthy manner and will help them stay in control of the process.

Mediation Dance-Writing (11/28/18)
Peter Adler

Sometime between 480 and 221 BC during China’s Warring States Period, a general named Wu wrote a short and now widely read treatise on how to win a big fight. The highest excellence, he said, is the “sheathed sword,” achieving your goal without fighting.

Happy Thanksgiving !!!! (11/23/18)
Phyllis Pollack

Thanksgiving was a few days ago, and I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Turkey Day!

Carrying the Weight of Conflict (11/16/18)
Cinnie Noble

It often seems that we carry a heaviness in ourselves – our hearts, our heads, our whole beings – when we are in conflict with another person.

When Did Bullying Stop Being Something that Only Happened in the Playground? (11/16/18)
Katherine Graham

It's Anti-Bullying Week; and bullying is now just as much synonymous with workplaces as with problems at school.

Interview with Ken Cloke (11/15/18)
Kenneth Cloke

This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Ken Cloke, author and Founder of Mediators Beyond Borders, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series. Recognized as a Top Attorney Directory for SEO! (11/15/18)

Now entering our 24th year, is recognized as a Top Law Firm Directory.

Scorched Earth Clients: Mediating with High Conflict People (11/12/18)
Darrell Puls

You have met them if you have been mediating for any length of time: High Conflict People.

Zealous Advocacy Can Kill (11/12/18)
Laura Tarcea

His divorce was going really badly: aggressive lawyers on both sides, court battles and blame-ridden affidavits!

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